The Water Jug
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We have a variety of different bottles to suit your every need, whether it's for your
cooler or crock or a personnal size water bottle for in the car...we have it all!

We have a NEW item in stock - 750ml Stainless steel water bottles for only $5.50!
Features of Stainless Steel Bottles
~ Producing stainless steel is toxin-free
~ Surface has no pores or cracks to hold bacteria
~ Life expectancy is over 100 years because of its impact and rust resistance
~ Can also be recycled 100%.  Typical amount of "scrap" stainless steel that is
used to make new stainless steel is between 65-80 %.
Colors Available:  Light Sky Blue, Graphite Grey, Mint Green, Neon Green, Cotton Candy Pink,
Orange Dream, Pineapple Yellow, Iris Purple (Black & Ocean Blue not shown here.)

Add a insulated sports pack for easy carrying and maintaining your water at a refreshing temperature!
1 Liter (32 oz.) Water Bottle
This bottle is great for athletes and people on the run.  It's sleek and user-friendly
design fits easily into most mesh water-bottle side pockets of backpacks.  This
virtually unbreakable bottle is designed with a huge 48mm mouth opening for easy
filling & cleaning.  Ice cubes can fit through the opening keeping your water cool
on a hot day.  The clear cap keeps dirt and dust away from the mouthpiece,
insuring that you are drinking clean, pure water.  It's a must for students, joggers,
campers, hikers or just someone on the go!
1.89 Liters (64 oz.) Water Bottles
1 Liter Bottle - $5.00          Sports Case - $6.00
Colors Available:  Black, Graphite Grey, Iris Purple, Mint Green, Pineapple
Yellow, Neon Green, Orange Dream, Cotton Candy Pink

Add a insulated sports pack (not shown, but similar to 1 Liter sports case)
for easy carrying and maintaining your water at a refreshing temperature!
1 Liter Bottle - $5.00          Sports Case - $6.00
Sports Case Colors Available:  Yellow
All of our bottles are made from the highest quality plastic approved by the FDA for bottle water use,
PolyCarbonate.  This plastic is identified by the number 7 in the recycle triangle on the bottom of the
bottle.  Bisphenol A (BPA) is a key building block of polycarbonate plastic.  In recent years, a number
of researchers from government agencies, academia and industry worldwide have studied the
potential for low levels of BPA to migrate from polycarbonate products into food and beverages.  
These studies consistently show that the potential migration of BPA into food is extremely low,
generally less than 5 parts per billion, under conditions typical for uses of polycarbonate products.