Reverse Osmosis filtration cleans water by taking out the total dissolved solids
(TDS) which contaminate the water.  Although city water treatment removes the dirt
and debris and adds chlorine to prevent the spread of diseases, it does not
remove the dissolved solids from the water.

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About Reverse Osmosis Filtration
This advanced state-of-the-art Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) System delivers
unsurpassed water quality by combining mechanical filtration, ultra filtration,
reverse osmosis and activated carbon to remove the entire specturm of chemical
impurities that can be found in water and up to 97% of all dissolved solids and 99%
of bacteria and virus.  Protects entire family, including pets, by removing harmful
contaminates that pollute your water supply.

~ R.O. water is ideal for salt restricted diets and for those with high blood pressure.
~ No electricity involved, operates off of water pressure.
~ Automatic shut-off...once the storage tank is full, the drain is automatically turned
off, so water is not wasted and the system operates at peak performance.
Steps invovled in the Reverse Osmosis Filtration
1.  Pre Filter - Removes sediment, dirt, rust and turbidity.
2.  R.O. Membrane - Advanced, thin film composite membrane removes dissolved metals and salts.  
Provides higher rejection rates, compared to conventional membrane types.
3.  Post filter - Removes foul tastes and odors, chlorine, THM's (Trihalomethane) and other organic
chemicals using a special grade of activated carbon.
System Maintenance
Pre and Post Filters - Recommended change every six months or a
minimum of once a year, depending on feed water conditions.
R.O. Membrane - Change as required based on quality,
approximately every 8 years.

Concerned it's time to change your R.O. Membrane?  Bring a water
sample by and we'll test it free!
Operating Parameters
Maximum TDS:                         2,000 ppm
Iron:                                          0.3 ppm max
Hardness:                                 Less than 15 gpg
Pressure:                                  30-85 psi (min - max levels)